Legend of vintage cars

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Legend of vintage cars - cars.
Vintage and classic cars. I started up when the opportunity to begin to accumulate like you would have to see.

Take a look at their brand-new report here. In early 2552.I care about our country? Custody of the same things we worried about? And there I found the fact that the conservation of the most valuable things we do not like anything that can help you do that you appreciate the beauty of his country. I was impressed with the vintage cars that are still used in Eastern Europe. Along with many modern cars, such as BENZ-BMW version. I had to leave the picture with the bike was really about vintage classic car fans in the club to leave it. The beginning, we must read the history of the deep one.
Thai automotive history.

Dating back to 100 at the first car to run in the land of Siam is a novelty on the road. That era is inconceivable that it would be a major vehicle. The factors that 5 percent of people in modern times.

The car business has just started, as most foreign car import shop a few stores and each store will dissolve in Later legend cars and other vehicles move from memories of the end of the current generation into the hands of western Thailand. Bangkok was the first car in 2406 King Rama 4 road, please give him a first call up the Greater New Road. Starting at the wall along the side of the Grand Palace in Bangkok to Laem-end road in the fall. In that era, horse carts, and has become the first road win with a length of 6.5 km and over the road 30 years later, it has added a few lines in the year 2435 in the era of King Rama 5 Road. Bangkok city, together with a length only 12 km, although some roads are wide and 20 meters, even if I close my eyes on the road, his car ran through the carriages and Carts would cause chaos, not less.

The advent of automobiles in Thailand and the Thai royal family's keen interest in cars as they occur. The same time with the turn of the century when it began producing cars in Europe and North America. The first vehicle to land on Navy Pier, Bangkok. And driving along the road in sight of the amazing people watching. Car early 20th century do not know exactly what a car. Lever and brake lever. Installed outside the tank on the right hand of the driver. Car Technology of the 20th century came to Thailand for the first time when a debate is not the end. It is believed to be foreigners who come to the first. This car is similar to the current road rollers. There are tons of rubber wheels. 2nd row seats, a canopy roof Petroleum oil as fuel and the car has a flat run. Walking uphill is not a bridge. Of the first car to the limit because the road bridge over the canal city of Bangkok is filled with high The boats pass through the barrier of the car era.

The first vehicle to stimulate the interest of Thais and foreigners as well. I do not own a car that was sold to Marshal Phraya Surasak Council (anointing Sangchuto) is the first Thai-owned vehicles will marshal's car, both drivers do not need to prince allowed. diplomat musician (needles Sangchuto) as a brother instead. Believed that the prince was the first Thai musician diplomat allowed to drive a car. Because he worked in England has the opportunity to drive a car. Later, they learned to teach others to drive the industry. After buying the car from the Chao Phraya Surasak Council soon have the opportunity to drive along the road in Bangkok for several years before the first car of the month will get worse. The time the car came to a royal family, mostly. When King Rama V ascended the throne in 2411 he was a very keen interest on the car. He and his family have an important role in the revolutionary year 2447, Thailand's automotive car 3 car was running in the streets of Bangkok. However, no written records, that is what and who owns the car.

That year, the government's emphasis on new technology, not less. Ordered sail Van up to 10 miles per hour to be used to transport gold and silver bullion coins weighing one ton of the same BC as the God of the Royal Navy and Royal Ratchaburi Direk were made ill treatment. He is in Paris. He Daimler car - a Mercedes-Benz cars, which is considered the best car in that era. When he came back to the land of Siam. He Ngameklgaฯ. His car, the glory of His Majesty King Rama V. This is the first car built in Thai history. Sarti, and who is responsible for the Department of the Royal Ratchaburi power Direk it. I drive two cars of King Rama V. The Mercedes-Benz - Ben Lawrence called the year 2448 will be received. "The Emperor's cup," His Majesty King Rama V gracious throne, because the car is comfortable and traveling faster than the royal carriages. Being free from Royal will come to you. I will always drive the throne. He later realized that the car is not enough to be used in accordance with his wish. His decision to buy a car he built another vehicle. The prince of the Royal Ratchaburi. Represent him in the order and choose a car that Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz. The car is imported directly from Germany, four-cylinder engine model year 2448 size 28-horsepower car 73 km per hour. It is very early in that period.

Hall is the most car accidents, fires, when it comes to the Board of Directors to help fill the gasoline tank. It has been observed floating oil droplets taking a blow torch on the wall where guests at the nearby stables to know if the palm oil in a sudden flare. Need help to use a bundle of grass for the horses to eat fire strike. From stable to run to a bucket of water to help extinguish the force. Everyone needs a scare when it detects that the flame burns to the one scorched paint. The door does not apply to the other side. Responsible for the bad news to respectfully King Rama V was King of the Royal Navy's Ratchaburi. As he sat at the Amporn. God rest her for a moment. Order to repair the damage before 2-3 weeks later, the car is ready. The Committee took the car and saw him, he sat up and try it to see him while he feels that to heart. The most popular car among the royal family and wealthy King Rama 5 He thought it commemorated once. The rainy season ends on 7 October 2448 with the enactment of the first automobile assembly meeting in Bangkok.

It appears that you have the first motor show cars gathered in the palace were 30 cars he has owned his small talk with every car. But at four o'clock that afternoon, the train moves along Suan Rd and turn into the way people viewed the procession was lined with excitement. On the 56th birthday anniversary of HM King Rama V in 2451 he ordered the car was a gift given to the royal family. And advanced to state officials. The number of cars ordered 10 cars from France, as ever, and he graciously signed for each vehicle as well as the King of each vehicle as well as the White Elephant King. To reflect the status and wealth. Vassal of time talking about the car is not a model name or brand. It is known to be confusing for foreigners who do not know English, that means my car. The signing ceremony for example. Imperial Glass, Mani Ratana, compact Marut, Ayara up to, turbine, was sub-going, elegant, Spindle, Gold, wildly army, ghost Pints, cover and address the aims and costly.

<<+ +400 Over the country's first national car + +>>.

When it is used more widely. Bangkok city streets began to fight each other as chaotically at the people suffered a lot of traffic to avoid accidents, it is not. Accidental death was the first time on July 11 in 2448, but the popularity of the car into a recession. Bangkok at that time it has hit the theaters across a car accident the driver to read almost every day. The parties have two wheels. Three-and four-wheel drive. Even a car crash with a horse or pedestrian traffic is a source of law at a later time. Number of cars increases.